Appeal of the peel

So what is the appeal of a skin peel? When we’re talking about peels we are talking about skin care and improving the quality of the skin on the surface. The perfect time to do this would be in the fall when you just start to see the summer changes disappear from your skin. A jumpstart towards purification of the skin would include an exfoliation of the skin to help remove some of the dead layers that have built up over the summer and some To even out of the skin tones it’s necessary at this time of year. Now what are peels? The peels include various assets formulations specifically for the skin to allow the dead layers to be relieved from the surface and thus leaving a fresh layer of healthy skin below. The peels are typically followed up by some hydration and moisture which is done for several days following the peel in order to keep the skin moist and allow for a good transition to a healthy new complexion.

Our signature peels at the Aesthetic Associates Centre are custom blends of retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid which can be adjusted specifically for an individuals needs.

Take the time to treat your skin to rejuvenate and rewind your complexion.