Maskne (or mask-related acne) breakouts are becoming part of the “new normal”. Aggravating as the COVID epidemic is, it may becoming increasingly difficult to maintain healthy skin while wearing a mask.

I for one have never had issue with my skin getting irritated due to waring a mask in surgery. Sometimes, I perform surgical cases which last several hours, but generally, the surgery is done in a cooler operating room space which limits the amount of heat and moisture under the mask. More recently, I have found my skin to be more sensitive due to wearing a mask the entire day while seeing patients or in surgery.

Why it happens.

Warmth and moisture buildup under the mask is a perfect environment for buildup of yeast, bacteria and other irritants to the skin. Breakouts in the form of small pimples and rosacea can develop, leaving one with red and inflamed skin. Friction from the mask can also create issues, particularly with those individuals with acne prone skin.

For men, late in the day, I notice that my mask will create some irritation from the 5 0’clock shadow. Some masks with a soft lining may reduce this sensitivity.

Avoid wearing a mask if possible.

As annoying as it is, not wearing a mask is NOT AN OPTION! Be considerate to people around you. Limiting the time of mask use may be helpful. Stay home if possible. Do not take the risk of going out without a mask. If you get the Coronavirus, your skin may be the least of your worries.

What can you do to treat Maskne?

The key to limiting Maskne, and for that matter, general acne issues, is to keep your skin clean. Using toner and a cleanser with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy can help prevent breakouts.

Once acne breakouts develop, consider using an Oily Skin Detox Mask. The mask can be used once a week or more frequently if needed.

Come in for a skin care analysis and consultation. Our Aesthetic Team is here to offer assistance with Maskne and any other skin issues you may have.