Filler Longevity

Injectables are becoming more and more popular as a way to soften lines and create balance for the aging face. We all would like them to last forever and selecting the right filler for each area is something an experienced injector can provide.

We use dermal fillers for a variety of treatments, including filing fine lines and valleys and adding volume to areas such as the cheeks or lips.

Unfortunately, dermal fillers are temporary and will gradually be absorbed by the body over a 6-12 month period.

So how can you get the best results and have your dermal fillers to last?

Here are a few things that you should consider.

Choose a reputable provider

Make sure you choose the right injector. Very often patients price compare. Shopping around for the best price may be the right thing to do when looking for a refrigerator or camera, but the quality of your result will be a direct reflection on who does the injection and what product your expert selects. Don’t bargain shop! Look at the filler provider’s background, experience and reputation. Referrals from friends can be an excellent source. Check out their credentials. Also, many times a filler is not the right choice and non-surgical treatments may leave a less than ideal result. Going to a center that can offer all aspects of aesthetic treatments, such as fillers and skin treatments, as well as surgical options if needed, will assure you will receive the optimum treatment. Ideally, injectable fillers are performed in a plastic surgeon’s office by a provider who understands both proper injection technique and aesthetics.

Watch out for marketing ploys and advertising that sounds “too good to be true”. Many injectors, mainly non-aesthetic health professionals trying to tap in to the aesthetic market, will advertise an unbeatable price, and yopu may not be getting the product you expected. Extremely low pricing can come from manufacturer rebates, but if now, the provider may just be using a different product or diluting the product to keep the cost down. Check for reviews online, a reputable website, and before and after photos, and during your consultation, ask plenty of questions! Do your research before the visit. Injectable fillers can cause untoward effects when not done properly. Safety first! Do your research prior to scheduling a filler appointment to ensure not only your health and safety but the best possible results as well.

Follow instructions

Your provider will recommend being gentle on the areas that were treated and not to rub for 1-2 days. You may use ice to limit bruising and swelling. In addition, you should limit sun and heat exposure as well as alcohol for 1-2 days.

Follow your injectors guidelines closely and contact them with any questions.

Use the proper skin care routine

To achieve an optimum aesthetic result, you should maintain good healthy skin care including cleansing and moisturizing. Your skin care provider will often recommend a good skin care routine that is customized for you to help maintain healthy looking skin on the surface, while the fillers can reduce lines and add volume where needed. Healthy skin will make your results even more aesthetic. Using a skin care regimen customized for you will help improve skin texture, elasticity and tone.

Stay healthy inside out!

The best way to maintain an attractive, youthful appearance is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some to focus on.

Lifestyle factors:

  • Maintain well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit calories from carbohydrates.
  • Reduce stress which can accelerate aging
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep daily
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Protect your skin from the sun, and use sunscreen.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Fillers do not last forever

I discuss with my patients the need for maintenance. Rather than having the filler be gone completely, I instruct my patients to come in to layer the filler at the appropriate time. No filler will last forever and some fillers will last longer than others. Proper timing for treatments will maintain a softer, natural look without dramatic changes from one injection to the next. Most dermal fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years – sometimes even more, depending on the type. Most hylauronic acid fillers (most common type used) last between 6-9 months and will depend on type and location of injection.