We are Back! Better than ever!

My staff and I would like to thank you, our patients, for their patience during this downtime for the COVID crisis. Your continued loyalty and support has come through loud and clear as we reopen to an even better patient experience. The last few months have been trying for us all, and now, as we get back to some semblance of normalcy, we have instituted many new changes to or practice to not only make your experience safer, but also better! We have implemented disinfection stations throughout our facility, including a concierge checkin procedure from the parking lot to limit your time in the waiting room. We have streamlined checkout to avoid crossover with other patients and have instituted the use of HEPA filtration in each of our treatment rooms to assure maximum cleansing of the air. UV-C lights also help to decontaminate and disinfect all our treatment areas. Our office based operating rooms have the very best air filtration available in the world, having been installed as the first center in the USA to have the Opragon-Avidicare system of temperature gradient airflow. Office based surgery in our fully accredited center provides personal care and privacy which we have maintained since 1989.

We have dedicated hours of preparation to assure the best safety for our patients and staff.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our office!

— Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. & the Aesthetic Associates Centre Team