“Wow, You Look Great!”

I have been in practice since 1989, and it is common for patients coming in for facial rejuvenation (or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter) to comment, “I don’t want the Hollywood look”, or something to that effect. Achieving a natural look particularly with cosmetic facial surgery is what is referred to as both the science

wow you look greatand the art of plastic surgery. The goal should be to turn the clock back. Patient will often bring in photos of themselves as a younger age to share with me what they are hoping to achieve. Occasionally, an elderly patient will bring in a portrait ofhimself or herself from when they were 20, hoping to regain that look. If the surgeon attempts to gain that look, it is almost certain the patient will have an over pulled, flattened facelift, not the natural lifting and redrapping which is desirable. When I attend our national meetings, and see lectures from many of the top plastic surgeons in the industry, we see results with a natural rejuvenation. That to me is the mark of a surgeon looking to rejuvenate, not totally change the look of someone’s appearance. The skills of a board certified Plastic Surgeon give one the tools to create the natural look, but it is up to the surgeons themselves to execute a more youthful result without creating a distorted change. When I first started in practice, I had the unique opportunity to work with my father, both a skilled surgeon and mentor, who had that aesthetic eye to create harmony and beauty in natural way. Learning first hand from such an expert has given me an ideaperspective on recreating a youthful appearance to help the patient achieve the look they desire. Some patients may be hoping for that “Hollywood look”, but I would much prefer a complement, “wow, you look great”.