Benefits of IV Nutrition Therapy

I hate to get technical but to best explain the benefits of IV Nutrition therapy….
The sodium glucose co-transport system was first discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Robert Crane and according to the Lancet British Medical Journal, “The discovery that sodium transport and glucose transport are coupled in the small intestine so that glucose accelerates absorption of solute and water (is) potentially the most important medical advance this century.” – The Lancet, British Medical Journal, 5th August 1978
This of course is the nature of IV therapy. In other words, a solution of water plus glucose and sodium hydrates better than water.  This also functions to influence the transport of nutrients in an IV where due to osmolarity you can infuse therapeutic amounts of Vitamin C for example that would otherwise not be tolerated by the gut should they be taken orally. The osmolarity of the solution is critical for the transport of nutrients.
Anything consumed orally will need to have its form broken down.  The digestive process must breakdown and cleave amino acids, peptides and simple nutrients for absorption.  By the time you consume a food it is likely to have lost some of its nutrients. In addition the body wastes nutrients.  This varies based on the health of the individual. Your body’s GI tract can fail or limit absorption of nutrients. As a result they are wasted by the body not brought into the bloodstream. Even when someone has a healthy digestive tract cooking and food transport limit their nutrient density.

Looking your best at any age

Senior businesswoman smiling and standing in front of a group of businesspeople. Portrait of a smiling business woman looking at camera. Close up of mature businesswoman with happy colleagues.

Looking your best at any age

Julia was tired of looking tired. At age 72, she came to me to seek out

procedures to make her feel better about herself. She told me she wasn’t

getting the “looks” anymore, and that men would not pay her any

attention, or in her eyes, would think, “hey look at that cute grandma”.

More and more, the ‘mature’ generation are seeking ways to look their

best. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently came

out with their updated statistics. They found that the number of people

65 and older getting facelifts and cosmetic eyelid surgeries has more

than doubled over the last two decades. Many of these patients are ‘first

timers’ to the plastic surgery realm.

Joan Rivers, the late comedian and staunch supporter of plastic surgery,

once said, “Looking 50 is great- if your 60!”. She perhaps could be

credited for some older individuals considering plastic surgery

treatments. She often made jokes of her obsession, once quoted with, “I

wish I had a twin sister, then I would know what I would look like

without Plastic Surgery”.

After surgery, Julia commented, “ I was so excited about the

improvement in my neck, that I came back for the rest of the face.

People commented about how good I looked, and many didn’t know I

had surgery. The natural look took years off my appearance and allowed

me to feel good about being in public.”

Many individuals like Julia are staying healthy well into their later years

with increased wellness which includes better eating and lifestyle

choices like exercise. They feel young on the inside, but don’t like the

reflection in the mirror.

The fact that the baby boomers started turning 65 years of age five years

ago most likely contributes to the increase in facial plastic surgery.

Another big factor is that rejuvenating procedures do not have to be

surgical. Many patients come to me for non-surgical procedures to get a

refreshed look. Not only are these procedures less costly, they typically

have minimal to no downtime, which I see as important for the active

mature patients that come to my practice. Procedures such as Botox,

Dermal Fillers and skin care management using lasers and non-ablative

collagen stimulating treatments can provide an option to turn the clock

back and help to maintain a youthful appearance. I often recommend to

my patients that we begin the process by skin rejuvenation to stimulate

the collagen to create a more youthful surface on which to work. Often

this is done to reverse the effects of sun damage and smoking, both of

which are the main contributors to aging skin. Whether patients go on

to have surgical procedures is up to them, and since many are just

looking for that refreshed look, they will be content.

My job as a Plastic Surgeon is to listen to their concerns and come up

with a plan to provide the patients with choices to help them achieve

their goals. Because there are many ‘tools’ available now for

rejuvenation, we can offer large steps or baby steps to give one the look

they desire.

“If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, and there are

things that you can do to improve your looks, why not?” Julia said. “I

only wish I had done things sooner to keep up with the aging process.”

A doctor who performs both non-surgical and surgical solutions to anti-

aging can help to choose the best options for you. Consider seeking out

the services of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a consultation for

looking your best at any age.

Until Next Time, Be Well Buffalo!

The Science Behind Beauty

Beautician drawing perforation lines on woman faceWhen patients put their trust in me to enhance their beauty, I always tell them that the results are a combination of my skills and their healing abilities.  There are many factors that contribute to the final result, and controlling those factors that we can influence is the key.  This holds true in all aspects of healing, but is particularly evident in patients recovering from elective surgery.  To accomplish this, I start with assuring patients are at their upmost health prior to surgery.  Smokers need to quit, sun worshipers need to refrain, and poor eaters need to focus on eating their fruits and vegetables and avoiding nutrient poor foods.  Over my nearly 3 decades in practice, I have seen first hand the results that can be attributed to poor healing, and on the other side, have been able to better prepare my patients for optimum results by our best efforts to optimize their health.

Preparation begins 4-6 weeks before surgery, when excellent nutrition and hydration are paramount.  For those that need counseling, we have our nurse Kathy, who is a nutritional counselor, spend time instructing on making better choices, not just to help them heal well through the surgery but for a lifetime of wellness. For those who are deficient in certain nutrients, we start them on vitamins and supplements.  For facial procedures, we begin by performing facial skin care protocols, geared at stimulating the skin can collagen to improve circulation and elasticity.  Our process includes a skin peel and exfoliation in office followed by a 4 – 6 week home skin care regimen, consisting of our pre-op kit of cleanser, morning peel and nighttime peptides to focus on optimizing the health of the skin.  This will allow for the best healing and the least scarring. One week prior to surgery, my patients are treated to a head, neck and shoulder massage and lymphatic treatment and a hydrating 4-layer facial at our spa.

This innovative approach to preparing the overall health and skin quality has proven to improve my patient outcomes, speed recovery and limit scarring after surgery.  Our results have always been good, but now with the benefits of our knowledge we have incorporated the Science Behind Beauty to get even better outcome.  

So let science guide your life and lifestyle and lead to overall wellness.  You’ll be glad you did.