“Wow, You Look Great!”

I have been in practice since 1989, and it is common for patients coming in for facial rejuvenation (or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter) to comment, “I don’t want the Hollywood look”, or something to that effect. Achieving a natural look particularly with cosmetic facial surgery is what is referred to as both the science

wow you look greatand the art of plastic surgery. The goal should be to turn the clock back. Patient will often bring in photos of themselves as a younger age to share with me what they are hoping to achieve. Occasionally, an elderly patient will bring in a portrait ofhimself or herself from when they were 20, hoping to regain that look. If the surgeon attempts to gain that look, it is almost certain the patient will have an over pulled, flattened facelift, not the natural lifting and redrapping which is desirable. When I attend our national meetings, and see lectures from many of the top plastic surgeons in the industry, we see results with a natural rejuvenation. That to me is the mark of a surgeon looking to rejuvenate, not totally change the look of someone’s appearance. The skills of a board certified Plastic Surgeon give one the tools to create the natural look, but it is up to the surgeons themselves to execute a more youthful result without creating a distorted change. When I first started in practice, I had the unique opportunity to work with my father, both a skilled surgeon and mentor, who had that aesthetic eye to create harmony and beauty in natural way. Learning first hand from such an expert has given me an ideaperspective on recreating a youthful appearance to help the patient achieve the look they desire. Some patients may be hoping for that “Hollywood look”, but I would much prefer a complement, “wow, you look great”.


5 Tips to Manage Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin?  More than 1/2 of women in the USA suffer from “sensitive” or  “very sensitive” skin conditions according to survey of the International Society of Dermatology.  Does the healthy, moist appearance of  summer skin disappear in the ‘off season’? Here are 5 tips I recommend for keeping your skin looking it’s best when the cold wind blows.

skin care image flip1- Avoid Hot Water-  Many believe that taking a hot shower can increase the circulation and make the skin more healthy.  The problem is that the hot water removes the important oils on the surface which are essential to keep your skin healthy.  This protective layer is especially important for those with sensitive skin.  Hot water can lead to skin irritations and rashes as well.  Keep it tepid.

2- Don’t overdo the prescription skin products-  I have been managing skin problems and anti-aging management since I began in practice since 1989.  I am not a big proponent of prescription-strength retinoic acid, and I have never written a prescription for that with my patients.  The lower strength products containing retinol provide a more mild mixture which will cause less irritation.  Patients always think more is better, but irritation is our enemy when it comes to the skin.  Be patient in your rejuvenating home treatments to slowly turn the clock back.

3- Mind your fruits and vegetables-  Just like grandma always told us, “eat those fruits and vegetables”!  They help to promote good digestion and are powerful antioxidants to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. This can help with those that suffer with acne breakouts as well.

4- Lymphatic massage-  When you wash your skin, take 30 seconds to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  Gentle massage in a downward direction can decongest the skin by stimulating the lymphatics.  By promoting lymphatic drainage, one can reduce redness and inflammation thus calming the skin.

5- Scrub the Scrubs!-  When I see irritated skin on my patients, my first question is, “how often do you exfoliate with scrubs?”  I can tell right away when I look at their skin that something is causing irritation.  I usually recommend using these scrubs no more than once or twice a month.  Rather than using these home scrubs, which push the debris into the skin and create irritation, consider mechanical exfoliation with microdermabrasion at the doctors office.  This will lift off the dead skin cells and debris, leaving you with healthy skin receptive to the skin products you apply.

The Science Behind Beauty

Beautician drawing perforation lines on woman faceWhen patients put their trust in me to enhance their beauty, I always tell them that the results are a combination of my skills and their healing abilities.  There are many factors that contribute to the final result, and controlling those factors that we can influence is the key.  This holds true in all aspects of healing, but is particularly evident in patients recovering from elective surgery.  To accomplish this, I start with assuring patients are at their upmost health prior to surgery.  Smokers need to quit, sun worshipers need to refrain, and poor eaters need to focus on eating their fruits and vegetables and avoiding nutrient poor foods.  Over my nearly 3 decades in practice, I have seen first hand the results that can be attributed to poor healing, and on the other side, have been able to better prepare my patients for optimum results by our best efforts to optimize their health.

Preparation begins 4-6 weeks before surgery, when excellent nutrition and hydration are paramount.  For those that need counseling, we have our nurse Kathy, who is a nutritional counselor, spend time instructing on making better choices, not just to help them heal well through the surgery but for a lifetime of wellness. For those who are deficient in certain nutrients, we start them on vitamins and supplements.  For facial procedures, we begin by performing facial skin care protocols, geared at stimulating the skin can collagen to improve circulation and elasticity.  Our process includes a skin peel and exfoliation in office followed by a 4 – 6 week home skin care regimen, consisting of our pre-op kit of cleanser, morning peel and nighttime peptides to focus on optimizing the health of the skin.  This will allow for the best healing and the least scarring. One week prior to surgery, my patients are treated to a head, neck and shoulder massage and lymphatic treatment and a hydrating 4-layer facial at our spa.

This innovative approach to preparing the overall health and skin quality has proven to improve my patient outcomes, speed recovery and limit scarring after surgery.  Our results have always been good, but now with the benefits of our knowledge we have incorporated the Science Behind Beauty to get even better outcome.  

So let science guide your life and lifestyle and lead to overall wellness.  You’ll be glad you did.